Amos Yong’s ‘The Future of Evangelical Theology’ – A Book Review

The Future of Evangelical Theology: Soundings from the Asian American Diaspora. By Amos Yong. Downers Grove, IL, USA, IVP Academic 2014. Pp. 255. $25.00.

The Future of Evangelical Theology

In 2009, Soong-Chan Rah published a book with IVP entitled The Next Evangelicalism as his manifesto for the North American evangelical church to realise that it, like the global church, was becoming more and more ethnically diverse and needed to free itself from what he calls the ‘White Babylonian captivity’.1  The book currently under review by Amos Yong tackles a similar subject. However, instead of a battlecry, this recent publication by IVP is an investigation into what the future holds for North American evangelical theology, broadly understood, as it necessarily engages with the growing phenomenon of Asian American evangelicalism and its theological concerns. Continue reading “Amos Yong’s ‘The Future of Evangelical Theology’ – A Book Review”

Simon Chan’s ‘Grassroots Asian Theology’ – A Book Review

Grassroots Asian Theology: Thinking the Faith from the Ground Up. By Simon Chan. Downers Grove, IL, USA, IVP Academic 2014. Pp. 217. $22.00.

Grassroots Asian Theology

Simon Chan’s latest monograph, published by IVP Academic in 2014, aims to shift the Asian theological discourse from ‘elitist theology’ (e.g., Minjung theology, Dalit theology, C. S. Song, Kosuke Koyama, etc.) towards ‘grassroots theology’. Continue reading “Simon Chan’s ‘Grassroots Asian Theology’ – A Book Review”

Modalities of Doing Religion

Religious Diversity in Chinese ThoughtQuite recently, I attended the book launch of my colleague Joachim Gentz from the University of Edinburgh’s department of Chinese studies.  He and several colleagues were promoting a new publication of theirs, Religious Diversity in Chinese Thought, which I very much appreciated.  Coming from a theological background, I am always encouraged to hear different perspectives on similar or related subjects (namely Chinese religion). Continue reading “Modalities of Doing Religion”