Chinese Christianities

If you are working on a new monograph related to Chinese Christianities, I am serving as the series editor for the Liu Institute Series in Chinese Christianities, published through Notre Dame Press. Here’s the series blurb:

Christianity is the fastest growing religion in both mainland China and a large, linguistically and culturally diverse Chinese diaspora, which encompasses more than a fifth of the world’s population. Any consideration of the future of world Christianity must now take into account the role of Chinese Christians and their distinctly Chinese interpretation of the Christian faith. Despite the development and influence of this tradition, the academic world has been slow to invest in this timely subject. This series features titles that offer new perspectives on the vast and expanding field of Chinese Christianities in all its diverse forms, providing a forum for cross-disciplinary conversation. Books are welcome from a variety of disciplinary approaches, including but not limited to historical, theological, social scientific, and sinological perspectives. The University of Notre Dame’s Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies is pleased to support sustained quality research on this rich and varied religious tradition that merits greater understanding.

If you have interests in the academic discussion of Chinese Christianities, there is an American Academy of Religion program unit with a focus on the subject. You can see more information on its Facebook page. Also, some of the papers from our previous meetings have been published in special issues of these journals (with more forthcoming):

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