NEW: Chinese Christianities Book Series

Notre Dame Press

I’m pleased to announce that there is a new book series being started through Notre Dame Press entitled the Chinese Christianities Series. I will be serving as its series editor, with Stephen Little of the press as acquisitions editor.

Feel free to get in contact with either of us if you have any questions. Continue reading “NEW: Chinese Christianities Book Series”

AAR 2018: Chinese Christianities Seminar


At the 2018 meeting of the American Academy of Religion in Denver later this month, we will have our fourth year running of the Chinese Christianities Seminar. This year, we are glad to have TWO sessions around the theme of the church—on ‘Crossing Ecclesial Boundaries’ (Sat. 1-3pm; Convention Center-204) and ‘Asserting Ecclesial Boundaries’ (Sun. 3:30-5pm; Convention Center-107). Continue reading “AAR 2018: Chinese Christianities Seminar”

Adrian Pei’s ‘The Minority Experience’ – A Book Review

The Minority Experience: Navigating Emotional and Organizational Realities. By Adrian Pei. Downers Grove, IL, USA, IVP Books 2018. Pp. 208. $17.00.

The Minority Experience
Few books evoke the kind of deep reaction I had when reading this volume for review. Adrian Pei’s The Minority Experience articulates in writing experiences and emotions that I have felt all my life, as a ‘Chinese’ in Southern California, as an ‘American’ in China, and as a ‘Chinese’ in the UK. In each of these places, my presence as a minority has been magnified by others, intentional or not. Pei’s work wrestles with these kinds of experiences and explains how organisations can do more in addressing the deep-seated challenges of the minority experience. Continue reading “Adrian Pei’s ‘The Minority Experience’ – A Book Review”

An Asian American in the Diaspora in an age of Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians

This past weekend was the release of the much awaited movie, Crazy Rich Asians. It has been applauded by many as being the first movie since Joy Luck Club to have a cast composed entirely of individuals of Asian descent. This has not been without some controversy—some have accused its main male actor Henry Golding as not being Asian enough because his father is English, and the cast does not offer proper representation of multicultural Singapore. But the overall sense of the movie, it seems, has been one that can only be described as “redemptive” (see, for example, this tweetstorm). As my Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with friends and strangers declaring how healing the movie has been for them, I can’t watch the film since I live in the UK where the film comes out later—September 14. Continue reading “An Asian American in the Diaspora in an age of Crazy Rich Asians”

Orthodoxy and Chinese Public Theology

This was originally posted on the blog Orthodoxy in Dialogue on 14 May 2018.

9780198808695Many have noted the recent “Orthodox Renaissance” in Western studies of Christianity. Helpfully, an increasing number of Orthodox writers have produced theological primers for Western Christians. Furthermore, Western luminaries—from Aquinas to Calvin, from Barth to Torrance—have been “rediscovered” for being closet Orthodox Christians (okay, that may be a stretch) who offer their own versions of theosis. My own work has followed this latter trajectory in many senses, although it has focused on another “Eastern” Christianity—that is, the East Asian Christianity of mainland China. Continue reading “Orthodoxy and Chinese Public Theology”